Company Membership

EHEDG is grateful for the continued support of its company members and member institutes who are essential to help achieve the long-term goal of assisting in the prevention of food hygiene problems by the application of hygienic engineering. These companies and organisations are committed to the highest standards of food safety and strive to improve the overall image of the industry in the eyes of the consumer. The use of the EHEDG company member logo is a statement of this commitment.

Through the EHEDG network the companies can promote their views in as far as they support the EHEDG objectives and they can influence trends and earn international recognition for their efforts.


  • Company members are authorized to use the EHEDG Company Member logo under agreed conditions. Note that the logo may not be used in a way of mistakenly implying EHEDG certification.
  • Companies initially avail of at least one up to four free main contact persons. Additional persons can be listed later on for active or corresponding Working Group membership and active involvement into the EHEDG regional activities
  • Publication of the company logo and name on the EHEDG website, conference programs, brochures, etc.
  • Hyperlink from the EHEDG website to the company website
  • Whole series of the EHEDG Guidelines in all language versions including updates for free download by all staff members
  • Discount or waiver of registration fees for EHEDG sponsored events
  • Discount on EHEDG training course participation

Company contributions are based on the annual turnover in food-related business and range from EUR 500 to 10,000.

Company Member Types and Annual Membership Fees:


Food-related Turnover
in EUR p.a.
in EUR p.a.
Free Staff
over 500 millions10,000100
50 to 500 millions5,00050
10 to 50 millions2,50025
1 to 10 millions1,00010
less 1 million5005


EHEDG adheres to a documented information security policy. This ensures that the data are stored in compliance with the GDPR and within the limits of the purpose for which they were collected. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.


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(Additional staff members can be listed as of an annual contribution of € 5,000.00 and higher)
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Membership Conditions

The minimum duration of an EHEDG membership is one year. Furthermore, regardless of the date on which a membership is applied for, an EHEDG membership contribution relates to a calendar year. The membership will be automatically extended from one calendar year to another, if not cancelled in written before 30th September of the current year for the year to come, thus terminating the membership on 31st December. The full payment for the following year will be due in case of cancellation after 30th September. Future invoices will be issued each during the first quarter of a year.